We offer complete solution for our clients embarking on the journey of business. There is so much to be considered, from the logo, company profile, website and so much more. At Apeiron Kallos (Pty) Ltd, we are strategically aligned in assisting you.We have experience associates and extensive systems with can work from registration of your new business, designing your logo, and completing all the necessary marketing and portfolio etc. We with you every step of the way, here to listen and guide you in making an impact and lasting entry into the market of your expertise in business.


Develop the Strategic Management skills you need for long-term business success. Create effective strategies. Develop your thinking. Manage more effectively. Leadership Transitions. Transformation Journeys in your business.  Apeiron’s Strategy Consulting Experts work to infinite possibilities! We Help you Define your Strategy. Immediate Improvement. Customer Centricity. Practical Courses. Our 360 degree view of your business success is  Innovative & Creative Solutions  as your leading Consulting Company, with a Unique Approach.


strategic joint venture is a business agreement between two companies who make the active decision to work together, with a collective aim of achieving a specific set of goals and increase their respective bottom lines.  At Apeiron Kallos (Pty) Ltd, this division is headed up by Alex Barlow, as leader with multiple successful ventures on her profile. Alex also lectures extensively on the variation of business language when dealing in cross border business. With a PhD in International Law and its it practical principles she is at the fore-front of our business leading in excellent methods for strategic joint venture. As economies become more globalized, more and more firms are participating in foreign markets. The most popular participation strategies include exporting, licensing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and direct foreign investment. Each of these involves different levels of risk, capital, and returns.  The use of strategic joint venture alliances thus making joint ventures a rapidly popular market within a growing number of multinational firms.