Real Men show zero FEAR

Destined for Success


On this day to celebrate women … I would like to once again remind everyone that women need to “ Respected” , “treated fairly” , “ Provided opportunity” , “ Given security “ … “ Given space “ and then “ celebrated “ …. not just today but everyday The amount of unpaid work a women does at homes needs to be highlighted today for all the “ Decision Making” men to realise what “ Celebrating the woman” really means There’s a lot that needs to change and it needs to change fast and now …. no more panels , discussions and events … it’s time for the big “ Boys” to show that they mean what they say on these panel discussions and talk shows 38 countries fire women if they get pregnant ( world bank ) Less than 14% women software developers Less then 15-20% women on boards or leadership roles ( tech companies ) So today I applaud all women and as a “ Man” I offer my sincere apologies for everything you have gone through and continue to through till today Let’s see some real action or let’s invite all right thinking men and women to rethink the rules of engagement #womenequalityday


I invite you to watch a real man talk on an issue many would rather remain silent on, and with this said I challenge every man to take a page out of this courageous man’s step to speak out on a platform that invited me to blog about his extraordinary video