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On this day to celebrate women … I would like to once again remind everyone that women need to “ Respected” , “treated fairly” , “ Provided opportunity” , “ Given security “ … “ Given space “ and then “ celebrated “ …. not just today but everyday The amount of unpaid work a women does at homes needs to be highlighted today for all the “ Decision Making” men to realise what “ Celebrating the woman” really means There’s a lot that needs to change and it needs to change fast and now …. no more panels , discussions and events … it’s time for the big “ Boys” to show that they mean what they say on these panel discussions and talk shows 38 countries fire women if they get pregnant ( world bank ) Less than 14% women software developers Less then 15-20% women on boards or leadership roles ( tech companies ) So today I applaud all women and as a “ Man” I offer my sincere apologies for everything you have gone through and continue to through till today Let’s see some real action or let’s invite all right thinking men and women to rethink the rules of engagement #womenequalityday


I invite you to watch a real man talk on an issue many would rather remain silent on, and with this said I challenge every man to take a page out of this courageous man’s step to speak out on a platform that invited me to blog about his extraordinary video


Empire Mindset

Congratulations to every women who has started or preparing to begin starting up businesses, statistically it appears to be currently at a rate faster than men. Let us begin to celebrate this. Research shows just over half of these women are failing to make themselves an income, now you want to rethink the celebration? The question is should we rethink or rise up and change this as women in the business of building Empires.

Let’s start the empire road map, but bear in mind it’s time to remove the blindfold and open your eyes to your VISION TO ACHIEVE EVERY GOAL! 

1. Know your purpose, customers and market


Begin to have a clear sense of purpose, you know what you stand for and your vision and start to surround yourself with people all towards that vision and purpose with this you are starting a way to success. Let your vision deliver your mission which is geared toward your customer base and deliver products or services they want and need. Trust this, you already saw the gap in the market and now you want to successfully fill it. Write the vision – move to your mission – then your core values – and understand you have already begun and completed the hardest part of this process for yourself as a business woman.

2. Keep your overheads low and know your business model

This is extremely important when you are first starting out it is easy to want to look the part and spend a lot of money doing so. This doesn’t essentially set you up for success. As I started I worked from an affordable low cost base, meaning I used second hand computers and working from home.

I understood to be successful you need to have a really clear understanding of your business model. Understanding how money flows through the business is really, really important. So I began working to bring the business model to life by importantly generating income streams starting small, however, very consistently. I have grown, however, because how I began worked and still works, I developed my business empire around it, with strategic planning and implementation.

3. Get your business off the ground… then grow

There are a number of different stages to building a successful business. The very first stage is just getting yourself up and off the ground with enough income to keep the lights on…  Here you need to apply focus on what activities are going to generate income. I spent 90 % of my time on income producing activities from the very beginning. This means doing actual client work, or working to find more clients.

Understand while it is important to have a plan, at the same time you need to get out there and let the market tell you what’s valuable and what’s not.  Your priority is getting your first 10 clients through the door. This is really the most critical thing you can do in the early phase. Don’t forget though, you are required to stick to the Vision, Mission & Values, this must resonate always in your work with your clients.

4. Develop the characteristics needed for success

 You need to be courageous and willing to make mistakes. Don’t have a pity party and want to give up, fix what doesn’t work with what does, move forward and don’t lose your courage.

You need to a mindset that is geared towards learning because every success that you want is probably outside of your comfort zone. Yes, you need to get uncomfortable go out there and you need to be able to learn what you need to do differently to get to that place.

You need to be client focused. Focus on your clientele, not you and what you willing to do and what you feel you can’t. Listen to them, ask questions, do the research, and get the job done excellently, proficiently and timeously, and your client will feel as though you are focused on them, and they will tell their associates about your business because people will ask them about the success of the work you delivered on.

You need to be TENACIOUS – have a strong connection with the Vision, Mission & Values you want your business to be and you need to go out there and get it. No more PITY PARTIES, DRESS, WALK & TALK YOUR SUCCESS! BEGIN TO BELIEVE, REMOVE THAT BLINDFOLD

5. Charge what you are worth

I think we as women in particular, and I did it too, undervalue ourselves in charging what we are worth.  Yes in the beginning you do things at a lower rate to get runs on the board but there must come a point where you really have to start charging what other people charge and not be afraid to do that. I learned this about myself through another entrepreneur (see there is excellent value in having a good solid circle of women in business) who chatted to me about how much I undervalue the work I do and I need to re-evaluate my thinking. 

So what else is needed to build an empire? An entrepreneurial spirit that never dies. Now that your blind fold is off, do you see your world of success, OF COURSE YOU DO!

Look out for our Ladies Let’s Come Together with Business Shower, where you bring a resource, and leave with a resource and knowledge of more can be achieved every day.




Empire Mind

An Empire of Woman

It has never been stress-free for women to juggle a flourishing career and a happy family life. This challenge is ever constant being a full-time working mom which comes with bouts of stress and guilt for not being able to give equal time to work and family.

Now it’s the 21st century and we as women from around the world are choosing to have 0ur empire — an idyllic family, a gratifying career and some seclusion to find some time for ourselves.

It’s been more than ten years that I’ve been working professionally and now I’m heading the marketing team at Foinix Media Division. Like so many other women, I’ve had my share of battles in striking the right work-life balance post marriage and family. My mentors would say that resilience is one of the greatest strengths of a woman, fueling my desire to stand my ground and stick to the following tips to manage work and family, which consists of a husband who travels for work around the world and two teenagers. Feel free to take leaf or two out of my book and stay on top of the things.

  1. Priorities need to be In Order.

The choice of being a successful working woman, it’s vital to have your priorities in order — both personal and professional. To figure out your responsibilities at various levels, ask yourself a few questions. Where or what will not be negotiated or is completely not to be compromised? Name responsibilities you must be phenomenal at and the ones that can be just well enough. Express what are the most-important responsibilities at work and those for family. Accomplishment on clear answers will help you select priorities, make modifications and decide what you are and are not willing to do.

2. Have a discussion, with your employer

It’s valuable to keep the communication lines open with your manager, HR, and superiors. Be completely honest and transparent. Imagine you can’t reach office on time because you have to drop your kid to school, they can possibly suggest a plan to keeping your work hours flexible. If that’s a problem, be prepared with alternate solutions that prevent your loss of performance and productivity.

3. Share the load

It’s OK in acknowledging that you can’t do everything on your own and a little help could ease your mammoth workload. By doing everything by yourself, you’re not only making your body exhausted but also preparing it for a breakdown later on. Decide what you task to yourself and what others can take care of. Seek help from coworkers, spouse, and family members. At home discuss with your spouse how you can divide tasks in such a way that either of you don’t with trepidation come home after a long working day at office.

4. The Check-in

Welcome Technology and the comfort in knowing the well-being and whereabouts of your loved ones is no longer a challenge. The entire empire of mothers who work for companies or themselves can easily stay connected with their children while they are working at office. If you’re missing your kids, you can make a phone call or even a video call during your lunch break and focus on work without any stress or tensions in the recesses of your mind. These little moments also comfort the child that you’re near and also helps you get through the chaos of day at work.

5. Urgent, Not Urgent, Important, Not Important.

As a working woman the building blocks to your success mean, every minute is crucial — at work and home. You would be astonished to know that distractions at workplace can cost you more than three hours a day. The determination to be focused and productive means it is essential to keep chatter with coworkers, casual internet surfing, smartphones, and other distractions out of your purview. Have specific time limits to address emails and phone usage. Do the same at home, avoid watching too much of TV and instead, spend time to strengthen your bond with your partner and kids.

6. Work is Work and Home is Home

After many years of working on my career I found it extremely hard to say NO to things that didn’t align with my priorities. I can honestly say Believe me, it is the biggest mantra to successfully juggle your personal and professional life. You need to set boundaries so that you can give your heart and soul to both the aspects of life. Work on a way to leave work at work, don’t come home with it. During the time you are spending with your kids and partner, don’t be on the phone sending emails or discussing work with coworkers. Know always and be mindful of your personal relationships and start saying no to things that aren’t doing any good to us.

7. You are your biggest Investment

It is so important for you to do what you actually love as this is the secret to maintain a perfect work-life balance. It’s definitely okay to think about yourself, have some leisure time and pamper yourself. Arrange time to go to a spa, get a massage, and watch recordings of your favorite TV series, read a book, travel solo, gym or just do nothing at all. Learning to take care of yourself is so vital because a balanced and enriched individual would be able to give the best to your family and your work.

It’s a balancing Act

In all my years of experience, I’ve realized that maintaining work-life balance requires constant adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices. It’s better to be prepared and learn to make the most of your time and energy. The more you know yourself and your priorities the more balanced your life would be.

Please feel free to add your suggestions to this article.

Author Bio

Alex Barlow is the Director and Founder of Apeiron Kallos (Pty) Ltd, Foinix Digital Media (Pty) Ltd, JDI (Pty) Ltd and has been one of the most recognized teachers and innovators in Asia in Education. Her articles are inspired by her life experiences, situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to woman worldwide who face the never ending challenges of growth and success is what she loves.